They will cum!

I have been working on this site for a while, one of the plugins I have in this kinky WordPress install is Google Analytics, and it gives me a list of some search terms that people use to find this site.

Some of them make sense: wanking machines, sex machine motors. Some less so “camera fucking machine in under” and “fill vagina with water to fake cum”

But one of the amusing things in the keywords is just how different words many words people use for cum, and associated activities to find me:

  • cum,
  • semen,
  • cushot,
  • fakecum,
  • spunk,
  • fake sperm,
  • cum lube,
  • seaman,
  • bukkake,
  • fakie cum,
  • cum creampie,
  • fake edible cum,
  • realistic cum,
  • semen bukake,

And all because they want my page about Fake Cum.

I have some new posts and pages going up soon, if you have any thoughts or ideas about anything I should cover in the meantime contact me.

Written By Dvo

A Kinky Geek, MCR UK

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