Russians has a Law Banning Lingerie…

3d-printed-underware-2One cunning way around it is to use a 3D printer, German lingerie brand Lascana turned to 3-D printing to circumvent a Eurasian Union law that prevented the production or import of lace garments.

The folks at Lascana commissioned Russian designer Victoria Anoka to design the underwear. After completing her designs, Anoka turned to Moscow-based 3-D printing company, 3DPrintus, for printing. She came up with a two-piece bra and panty set made entirely from nylon.

In July, a poorly worded directive from the governing body of the Eurasian Union, a European Union-like trade coalition of former Soviet states Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, banned the import, production and sale of synthetic lace underwear.

The law was supposed to be helpful, banning the use of low-quality synthetic fibers because they aren’t “hygroscopic” enough, which means they don’t allow the skin to breathe like they should. Instead, the law outlawed all underwear made of non-natural material that didn’t meet a six percent absorption threshold.

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