Buttshock Arduino Shield

ButtShock Arduino joke logo thing
ButtShock Arduino joke logo thing

fluffybit and I have been working a lot with the MetaFetish/Buttshock people on interfacing with an ErosTek ET-312, as part of the project we looked at the internals of the box, and based on observations of the pcb, and other estim boxes out there the Buttshock Arduino Shield was born.

After a few back and forths the design stands at this:

We will be checking the design a fair bit more, then sending off to make some prototypes.

Body Interaction

I came accross body interaction today via the MetaFetish Telegram group 😀

The “body interaction”(BI) is a “vibrator development board” for building vibrating devices. It consist of a printed circuit board (PCB) with a vibration motor, an accelerometer, a LiPo battery and battery charger and wireless radio frequency (RF) communication. The board can be programmed with the Arduino IDE.

It looks like a very small Arduino compatable board that you cast, allowing you to Print and then cast your own 😀

They have a put a number of 3D printer models on Thingiverse

Metro goes to an Erotic Trade Show

Violet Fenn of the Metro went to an erotic trade show, clicking the link, I didn’t know what to expect, but not this! This can’t be the Metro paper we know and love? its not full of crass nudity!

Kink Craft’s website is here, where they sell a number of kits.

Head over to the Metro site to see the article in Full!

ErosTek ET232

cpony has done a talk about the pulses he gets from a ET232 over at his site.

The ET232 by ErosTek, is a full featured e-stim, it can provide sensations anywhere from the painful stinging of a shock collar to a gentle stroking.

I suspect the wave forms are similar to what we are expecting from the Butshock! work.


Following on from kinky irc channels, A lot of people have moved to Telegram to work on Buttshock!, while the Furry community have got furry-telegram-groups.net, there did not seem to be an alternative for general kinky people. A long while ago I picked up munches.eu, and now I am building a webapp for storing a list of Telegram Chat rooms for kinky people.

Have a look at Munches.eu, and if I am missing a room let me know.

The Artgasm – involuntarily induced orgasms using a medical device

Ferticare Medical Vibrator
Ferticare Medical Vibrator

The Artgasm performance (2004) is an extreme body manipulative affair. It presents orgasms as art, trimming down art to the original meaning of aesthetics as perception by means of the senses. The experience is conceived both as a performance and open to public participation. The project is both a free, artistic experiment on the materiality of art as well as a critique of an art-market and art-system ruled by social control mechanisms and commercial interests. Present biopolitics promotes pleasure and truth under a rule of self-control. Artgasm questions when excess become the danger? And would you like to experience forced pleasure?Artgasm medically manipulates the male audience/participant to experience the maximum of corporal pleasure, ie orgasm. The orgasms are involuntarily induced through a medical device and under the medical treatment of a doctor and nurse. By neural stimulation males will erect and ejaculate within two minutes.

A special medical vibrator, the The Ferticare Personal (link) was applied to a specific nerve on penis, using the it is possible to induce an orgasm/ejaculation to any male participant, whether he wants it or not, this was done as an live art display. (PDF Details)