PlayBall sex toy

“SEX toy I invented. Designed and built one working prototype about of this strange fucking machine about 8 years ago. Forgot all about it, just found it on my computer. WTF was I thinking?” found via Reddit

vf553-female-model-new2Looks quite a lot like the Remote Controlled Fucking Machine sold on Xtream Restraints.

  • Comes attached to a convenient handle for easy transport and storage.
  • The cock is contoured and shaped to feel like an actual flexible, erect shaft.
  • The dick measures 5.25″ of insertable length.
  • There are 8 possible speeds with this device: 1 (1.4 strokes/sec), 2 (2.4 strokes/sec), 3 (3.6 strokes/sec), 4 (4.4strokes/sec), 5 (5.3 strokes/sec), 6 (6.0 strokes/sec), 7 (7.1 strokes/sec) and 8 (8.2 strokes/sec). The complete range is available through the included wireless remote control unit.
  • The wireless remote control unit has four buttons: A (increase speed), B (decrease speed), C (None), D (start/stop).
  • Takes a 27A 12V battery.

The comments in the reddit post do make mention to a patent dispute…

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