Cyborgasm and Cyborgasm2 erotic CDs

1993 “Cyborgasm” by Various Artists

The world’s first erotic CD recorded with virtual reality technology for a 3D sound, this is an anthology of explicit audio tracks of people telling erotic stories and sharing sexual fantasies, as well as recordings of real-life amorous encounters. Contributors include Annie Sprinkle, Susie Bright, Mistress Kat and Don Bajema. From sweet nothing whispers to no-holds-barred lust, this CD sounds like the real thing (link).

1994 “Cyborgasm 2 – The Edge of the Bed” by Various Artists

The Edge of the Bed Cyborgasm 2 is a collection of erotic stories and music recorded using 3D sound developed for virtual reality applications. Virtual audio sounds so real, you can practically feel it. No Special playback equipment is required other than your CD player and headphones (link).

Written By Dvo

A Kinky Geek, MCR UK

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