Buttshock! the opening up of an ET-312

Erostek ET-312 Electrostimulation Device
Erostek ET-312 Electrostimulation Device

The Buttshock project is a project managed on the Metafetish Telegram Group to reverse engineer an Erostek ET-312 Electrostimulation Device.

The ET-312’s firmware was last updated to version 1.6 in 2004, and it still contains bugs and issues to this day. The box has been around for 16 years now, there are probably hundreds of them around the world.

The device retails for about £600 which is more than a little pricy for something that is about £60 is parts, and outdated firmware.

Everything we have done as a group so far is on GitHub, I have mostly been working on the Hardware side, however without a Erostek ET-312 to call my own it is a bit of a slog 🙁

If you want to lend me one, you can email me [email protected].

Written By Dvo

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